Guinea: Youth groups and students commit to working together to reduce gun violence

IANSA member INAPD (Institute of Literacy for Peace and Development) organised a conference on the consequences of gun violence at the University Gamal Abdel Nasser in Conakry, Guinea with the participation of the Guinean National Commission on Small Arms. Around a hundred civil society organisations participated and committed to work together to reduce gun violence through a national programme piloted by INAPD and the creation of an IANSA national Youth Network. The National Commission on Small Arms reaffirmed its commitment to working with INAPD on the development and implementation of national legislation on small arms control and border controls. All the Conakry media outlets were present, allowing INAPD to disseminate the key messages of the Week of Action, celebrated for the first time in Guinea. The Week of Action enabled youth organisations to learn about the dangers of gun violence and to commit to working with IANSA members to reduce gun violence in their country.