NGO Presentations at the PoA PrepCom, 21 March 2012

Representatives of civil society spoke in the afternoon plenary session of the preparatory committee (PrepCom) for the 2012 Review Conference (RevCon) on 21 March 2012.

Hector Guerra, Coordinator of the IANSA Survivors Network spoke about the first ten years of the PoA, highlighting the important role of civil society in the process.

Felix Kokou Aklavon, member of the IANSA International Advisory Council (IAC) and the Togolese Action Network on Small Arms (RASALT) spoke about the recent explosions at a depot for storing arms and ammunition in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, and the need for cooperation and assistance to support stockpile management as part of states implementation of the PoA, in addition to including ammunition in the PoA itself.

Hakeem Ayinde of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and the IANSA Public Health Network spoke about the links to public health, gender and survivors.

Nounou Booto Meeti, IANSA Africa Programme Officer, spoke about civil society's expectations toward and beyond the 2012 RevCon.

The full presentations can be downloaded in their original language below:

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PrepCom 2012 NGO presentations - PoA:The first 10 years - Espanol62.75 Ko
PrepCom 2012 NGO presentations - Stockpiles, cooperation and assistance,ammunition - Francais64.06 Ko
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PrepCom 2012 NGO presentations - PoA: Looking forward - Francais61.69 Ko