Argentina: Join and Disarm!

In Argentina, Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP) opened the Week of Action on 13 June with the launch of the campaign '#sumateydesarmate' ('Join and Disarm'), inviting members of the public to send in photos including the hash tag and spread the message in online forums. As part of the campaign, APP interviewed Andrés Rodríguez, a survivor of gun violence who suffered serious injuries to his leg as a result of being shot. Andrés' story was presented to national media and online social networks to highlight the potential dangers of guns in civilian hands. In a symbolic moment for the campaign, the Governor of Buenos Aires signed an agreement with 36 municipalities on the implementation of a national campaign for voluntary disarmament on 16 June. Leaflets on children and toy guns were also produced and distributed to representatives from different churches in a workshop organised by APP and Religions for Peace. More information about the campaign is available here.