Réseau des Survivants d'IANSA

From the early days of IANSA, members have advocated as, and for, victims and survivors of gun violence and worked to open spaces for survivors’ participation, particularly in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and Programme of Action on small arms (PoA) processes. In January 2012, the IANSA Survivors Network was launched, to formalise and strengthen this work, and help facilitate the active participation of survivors in small arms processes, as activists and “sensitisers” about the direct and indirect effects of gun violence

The objective of the IANSA Survivors Network is to work for the rights and (short-, mid- and long-term) needs of the survivors of gun violence, analytical and lobbying work, advocacy and research, towards an integral legal, political and institutional framework - at the local, national, regional and international levels, on goals including:

  • The inclusion of survivors of armed violence in small arms programme design and intervention activities, including on National Coordination Agencies on Small Arms;
  • Assessment of the gaps in service provision to survivors in National Action Plans on Small Arms, and development of measures for filling these gaps;
  • More investment in trauma care for victims of small arms violence;
  • Better coordination in measures to help survivors of sexual violence committed with small arms;
  • More research on the trauma of witnessing gun violence or its aftermath;
  • A strengthening of links between the UN small arms process, injury prevention and victim assistance, and research into the impact of prevention activities in firearm-affected areas.

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